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Official Trusted User Program: Help the community & Get a 1 year FREE TubeBuddy Upgrade!

Dragon Value Home

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Hello TubeBuddies! We're launching the Trusted User Program [TUP]!

We launched the Trusted User Program to help give back to the TubeBuddy community. There are dedicated members of this community, who love to help, and we want to help shine a light on them. They go above in making sure communities are a great place to be. Trusted Users represent a lot of the following:
  • Have been around the forums for at least 6 months
  • Provide YouTube or Thumbnail Feedback
  • Are active in the introduce yourself section
  • Answer questions in TubeBuddy Questions
  • Provides YouTube Strategies and help in YouTube discussions
  • Reports inappropriate posts, threads, and conversations
Trusted members are chosen by the forum team, similar to Member of the Month. Members of the month may be invited to become Trusted Users, and vice versa. Additionally, there are some COOL perks to being a Trusted User!

Trusted User Perks:
  • One year TubeBuddy upgrade from current level
  • Early Access to TubeBuddy Beta Features
  • Decorative Forum Badge
  • Become a TubeBuddy Live Stream Moderator
  • If looking for Moderators, has a higher chance of becoming a mod
These perks will grow with time, just like our Trusted User Program. For example, if you’re active for the year you are a Trusted User, you can get another year of TubeBuddy free. We will have more perks coming. If you’d like to be a Trusted User, remember to be active in the forums, and let your actions speak for themselves!

Being a Trusted User is a privilege and is not above the rules. If a Trusted User is found breaking the rules, they will be stripped of their perks, and receive a month ban from the forums AND using TubeBuddy.

Please don't post on the forums, or message the team about becoming a Trusted User. We will let you know if you qualify, and messaging us repeatedly about it will decrease chances of becoming a Trusted User!


Andrew, @Ikerot and the @Moderators
Nice, Thanks!


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OK, this is nice way to grow as a community. Now l feel more motivated...
It is good to go around the forum and discover things like this.


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Unfortunately for me, I have very little knowledge about TubeBuddy, SEO, or about Youtube itself.
Even my english is terrible. :laughing:
I'm still learning.