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Official Why Aren't My Posts Showing Up?

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When you're making a thread or responding to a thread, you might notice that your post isn't showing up. This is because your post/thread is currently in the approval queue!

It typically takes about 24 - 48 hours for @Moderators to check the approval queue and to either approve or deny it.

In some forum section/thread, it is a requirement to get a Mod's approval before it can be public.
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What if I didn't post in the section/thread above? My post still isn't showing up!

We've set the XenForo Spam Filter to be meticulous, and it has helped us deal with the hundreds of spam that come to our forums. However, because it is so strict, it can snare regular posts as it'll assume that it is spam.

If you don't see your post or thread, please be patient and wait for a Mod to come online and confirm the approval queue :)
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