Gaming Channel Variety Gaming / Nerd Culture Search For Collaboration | 18+ | Consistency

User name: Renegade Operative
Title: Variety Gaming / Nerd Culture Search For Collaboration | 18+ | Consistency
Age: 17
Type of collaboration: Hardcore gaming discussions, let’s plays, gaming podcasts, movie reactions, discussions on anime, comics, Saturday morning cartoons, reacting to gaming events like E3, etc
Amount of Subscribers: Doesn't matter
Ways to contact you: Twitter: RenOperative_
Why should they collaborate with you: Once again, we’re extensively searching for gaming candidates who are willing to start an organic relationship with a gaming group centered on nerd culture. One of the benefits of being invited to this family is the notion of content creation which we provide plenty of. We love to keep people who have a voice that aren't restricted to joining someone's Patreon or needing to go the extra mile to have a collab done.
Link to Channel:
Also keep these requirements in mind before messaging. VERY important to read.

Requirement: You must be able to present your personality. This can be done by voice on Discord with me, showing your YouTube, Twitch or displaying anything with you being active on mic. If you can’t present yourself in some fashion you’ll be disqualified.

Requirement: You must have thick skin to be a part of this experience. There will be swearing, unfiltered jokes and dissenting opinions.

Requirement: Even if we joke around please note we’re all adults. Be rational to our co-hosts or be willing to talk about issues in private. Drama will only end with you getting banned.

Requirement: You must be 18, on the cusp of 18 or older. Anyone under 17 is automatically disqualified.

Requirement: We’re looking for knowledgeable individuals in the nerd culture realm. At bare minimum you need to be fit into the criteria of the following:

*Must be a hardcore gamer.

*Must be knowledgeable enough to know about a slew of mainstream games and retro games.

*Knowing a bit about comic book films & anime is an optional plus.

*Even if you aren’t as knowledgeable it would be completely fine if you’re willing to adapt/learn more about these games.

**Failure to meet the above in terms of knowledge will disqualify you.

Requirement: Must have a decent mic and a Discord account.

Requirement: Must be willing to participate in gaming podcasts, live reactions and let's plays within a group setting. (No lurkers, no mute users and no time wasters.)