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TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

Ido Berg

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How did you find us at TubeBuddy? Searching

Were you searching, watching videos, etc? watching videos and google search

What made you actually install? the nice people around here :)

How has it been for you? so far so good ;)


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Found through a YouTube advert. Im
Thinking about subscribing but will wait until I have more videos on YouTube. So far I’m loving the info TubeBuddy is giving me. Thanx

Gideon kolawole

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well I was watching Roberto Blake's videos and then he made mention of it and say that the link was in the description, Ho and behold when I checked I found the link, then I said to myself "this man is awesome" because he explained some amazing things that TubeBuddy could do and as a curious guy who was just starting out on YouTube I decided to do all in my capacy just to see my channel grow. So I downloaded it installed it and ever since I have never regretted it