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Channel Review Starting out Gaming Personality Channel (Looking feedback and help)

Lil Piffy

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User name: Lil Piffy
Title of thread: Starting out Gaming Personality Channel (Looking feedback and help)
Self review: i know first off that i do not have a channel trailer i am working on it i am trying to write an extremely catchy script for it so tat i grab the viewers attention right away so im working on that but as a whole im new to this whole youtube thing but i enjoy making videos and sharing them with people so any feedback help and guidance is welcome!:)
Channel review or Video review? Channel review
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/lilpiffy
Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/24629/#post-66366


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Yo my guy so in future if you want to link your channel in that way replace /channel/lilpiffy with /c/lilpiffy because youtube hasn't used the /channel format for a while now and those who have a custom url like yourself have to use /c.
Anyways overall your branding is good for your channel art but the branding of your channel seems like a bit of a mismatch to the look of your videos thumbnails.
It can be hard when just getting started to nail the thumbnails but my advice when it comes to thumbnails is to look at your thumbnail and consider if it stands out as you.
I personally use the same or similar fonts for all my thumbnails, it has changed a couple times but in terms of style my thumbnails match in a sense that you can tell they are from the same creator.
Consider using the same or a similar style of font that you see in your channel art or choose one font and try to stick to it for all your video thumbnails.
Your 2020 goals thumbnail is one that I would describe as a good one. Sure it actually has you in it and not all thumbnails need that but the font looks clean and it isn't a brightly coloured mess. Consider Colour as more a way to highlight something or catch the eye having too much colours can have a more negative effect.

Take this thumbnail for example. Overall I'd say it's a decent Thumbnail but a couple tweaks would help it a lot. Firstly I don't reccommend having words overlapping at all it looks untidy and cramped then also you've left lots of space in the top right. How would I change it? I'd move the gun to the right slightly so it takes up a little more of that top corner. I'd make the title of the game a little bigger since you could get away with that and I'd space the text out so that war doesn't overlap with the other words. I'd then decide on a primary colour like yellow or red to make the word war stand out since the gradient multi colour thing stands out but as more of an eyesore (no offense) since it doesn't match the tone of theme of the rest of the thumbnail, red by itself meanwhile would.

Here are the latest thumbnails on my channel they aren't always the most interesting but the are very clear and concise when it comes to getting across what the video is about. The font isn't always exactly the same but it is almost always bright yellow on a blurred background. I haven't always done this but since my return to uploading to the platform I learned a great deal about the importance of branding.

One last point I watched your channel trailer because it auto played and your audio balancing needs a little work, the music was too loud and it took my focus away from what you were saying was very distracting. I use music in my videos but only to compliment what I'm saying and it's usually at a much lower level to my voice but can still be heard in a more ambient way.

Hope you find any of these points useful if you want to get in touch on or outside this platform hit me up cause you're not the only channel of your kind that I know so I might know some interesting collaboration prospects for you through the people I know.

Have a fantabulous day! :D

Sir Palepaw

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Taking one glimpse at your channel shows me that you certainly are presenting yourself as professional youtube channel. And by the looks of it, you seem to be migrating from one channel to another, to which I must ask: Why? Are you separating edited video content from livestreams? Or are you jumping ship from one boat to the other for better chances at SEO?

Regardless, I'm not very qualified to tell you about live streaming since I've yet to do it myself, but I can give you some tips based on what I've learned about titles and thumbnails. One tip is to make the thumbnail easy enough to see what the thumbnail is about when it's shrunken down to 25% of its size or so. Second (and probably a bit controversial) is to not give the words in the thumbnail top priority over everything else. If a thumbnail is simply just words, then not many people will even think about clicking on it. Your biggest concern should be what the video is about and select the appropriate images for it. For example, your "Welcome to I7 Clan" would work much better if your player model was the central focus, or the model of the character you play as. If that's not possible for whatever reason, then lining up your logo with the words in the thumbnail above it in symmetrical fashion would make for a much more appealing thumbnail!

My last bit of advice isn't so much about your channel and videos as it is about your content. I want you to keep in mind that any game, even if it's your favorite in the franchise, can burn you out after playing it for long enough. Thus, since you are doing multiplayer shooter games, I have two recommendations for future content. One is the splatoon series, and right now, splatoon 3 specifically. It has a lot of unique and interesting mechanics compared to most shooters, and it's unique world gives off a pretty funky vibe. If that sounds too kid friendly or watered down compared to other shooters, then I think you might find another game that can fill that niche pretty well, one that despite a very long life, and bot sniper accounts, is still very active to this day. It's called Team Fortress 2, and I think it's very hard, but also very rewarding! Regardless of if you play one of these two or not, I still think you should keep in mind other games you could play so that you can still keep your channel active and enjoy the process even if you grow bored of Call of Duty and Fortnite!