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Lil Piffy

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User name: Lil Piffy
Title: NEW Call of Duty youtube content making clan
Age: 18+
Type of collaboration: Thinking of making a clan for youtube need 2-3 like minded people to come together with myself and we will create a clan name a clan YouTube channel etc where we all post videos to the YouTube channel 2-3 times a week with different people making different content like as faze clan do but only we will be forming our own YouTube team/Gaming Clan
Amount of Subscribers: 0
Ways to contact you: Contact me on this or Twitter my Twitter is @lil_piffy
Why should they collaborate with you: It’s all about making call of duty commentaries could be montages etc it’s really whatever you got going I want people that have experience making YouTube videos and that is dedicated I reliable as we don’t want to be missing our upload ad schedule that we set I hope to meet like minded people on here! Remember contact me on Twitter @lil_piffy or on here
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