Entertainment Channel LF Extra Voice Talent, Actors, & Creators for Various Projects


New User
User name: HUDuser
Title: LF Extra Voice Talent, Actors, & Creators for Various Projects
Age: 16+
Type of collaboration: Currently unpaid positions to contribute in machinima-based short film projects. I will primarily be doing the directing, writing, filming, and editing.

Any additional talent (of any kind) interested in future machinima feel free to reply/DM too, I’d love to work with you!

Currently looking for 1-2 American, male voice actors that sound at least 18. There’s not a lot of dialogue, so the commitment is short. The machinima itself is a modern military theme.
Amount of Subscribers: 40
Ways to contact you: Twitter: @HUDuser
Discord: HUDuser#0483
Why should they collaborate with you: My goal is simply to fill the void of good stories on YouTube. I aim to deliver high quality short films through any medium, ignoring meta and only using the production as a platform for talent.

As for myself, I’m 23 and have been creating for years. I have real world experience creating videos for work and school, and enjoy doing it recreationally. I don’t like to advertise, but can offer examples for any skeptics privately.

Looking forward to hearing from the community!
Link to Channel: https://yt.vu/+foxyrobot