Video Review Using Smoke Bombs for PHOTOSHOOT | SMOKE PHOTOGRAPHY

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Title of thread: Using Smoke Bombs for PHOTOSHOOT | SMOKE PHOTOGRAPHY
Self review: I believe my videos are getting better as I make more and adventure into different topics. Narrating needs to definitely improve to make the video more smooth what do you think?
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How's it going @Junior and Patricia,

I have a few thoughts I'd like to share but before I do let me say this first. What I'm about to say is simply my opinion. It's in no way intended to be an insult in any way. My goal is to provide constructive criticism that could potentially help improve your video if you're interested in taking it. It's just my thoughts. Good or not, they are not meant to say you are wrong in any way, it's only based on my taste in videos. With that said...

Let me start by saying those locations you found were amazing. Reminds me a little of the few times I went to New York to visit family when I was little and lived in Jersey almost 40 years ago. I saw a lot of nice portraits like that. It also reminds me of one of my favorite movies Beat Street. Your footage recordings were really good. Perhaps could use a bit more stabilization in the movements but it's still really good. I don't know well how autofocus works devices when recording but I did notice your camera focus a lot when moving so am not sure how to correct that but I would definitely recommend looking into figuring out how to reduce the autofocus activation as that will make great footage even more amazing.

The pictures you took during the filming were mindblowing. Well done. I would suggest showing the picture in the video a tab bit longer to be able to get a good look at the pics without pausing. I would also suggest including links to the images, with watermarks to avoid them being copied and stolen, so the viewers can get a better look at the pictures. Include text in the video pointing to the description section to see samples of the pictures through the link.

This one thing I'm gonna point out is more of a thing I like and not necessarily something you have to do but I personally like starting my videos with a fade in from black and also fading in the audio. Kinda gives the video a smoother start rather than an abrupt start.

Other than that the video was fantastic. That art in the background was awesome. And you guys definitely got a talent for making this kind of video. Great editing in my opinion and awesome personalities. Great job.