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Just Lennart

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So what do you guys think about the future of kids content on youtube? I know, its all speculations and such.

This is one of the main reasons I made a new channel.

If you havent already heard this, I have a Danish YouTube channel. On this channel, I made a lot of kids friendly content. Both Learn how to draw, simplified, and I made a couple of stories, intended to kids. Those videos, if I say so myself, are pretty decent Bread and Butter videos. They gave daily views. So, they helped me grow a lot. And ofcourse, I would like to do more, so I startet writting more stories. And made even more illustrations.

Then, out of the blue, for me that is, Coppa hit the topshelf. And threaten to ruin my plans. At first I dismissed it, thinking, Hey, this will not effect me, Im just your ordenary Danish guy, dont even earn money on them.
But, then the reality hit me, I shouldnt be worried about coppa, no no no. I should be worried about YouTubes new program.
I went through my videos, as they said I should. And all my children content were marked. And I agree, they are targeted towards kid. No doubt there.
And my vidoes would go radio silence, and pretty much die before they could live.

I was devastated.
But then I started to think, and brainstorm, and think even more. Then I got the idea of branching out. Start a new channel, going english.
Now, my plan is in motion. I will see if I cant promote my own content, with a new channel, dont know if it will work.
Just trying to find a solution.

Are there any channels on this forum, that specificly make content, that you know are for kids under the age of 13?
Ive already seen a lot of channels, already given up. Heck, I was on the werge of doing the same.

What do you think? Will there be no more kids content on youtube?