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So, I guess I should start a topic.

Well, I need advice.
Ive just started a new channel. This time in english. I have another channel, but thats in danish.
Im planning the first video in english. Where Ill go over why I chose to switch to english. And what people can expect from my channel. Now, please mind, its not a channel trailer.

Is there anything else I need to adress?
Like, If you were to make a first video, what would you need to include?

Thanks in advance


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If you're making a new channel in English, why do you need to make a video explaining why you switched to English? It'd make more sense if it was your Danish channel and you decided to switch to English and that's why you're making a video about it :thinking:

What is your channel about? It can help us figure it out with you :)
Just Lennart

Just Lennart

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Huh... Yeah... You are right. This is actually a send of I should do on my danish channel.
Good point.

Well, I my danish channel, ive been subjected to the Kids only termination. A great deal of My videoes have been marked. I do Learn how to draw, on a Kids basis. And I do childrens books, with illustrations.

My idea for the english channel is not to concentrate on the end result, but the Journey towards it.
And then, translate my stories to english.
It will consist of the making of stories. And I have ideas for tern books as well.

My channel description is:

The danish artist formely known as Lennart Tegner.
Essential it means Lennart Draws.
I Will still be drawing, but thats not essential for this channel.

I am a father. (Two kids)
A Registrar (Means I have the authority to wed people)
Consol gamer. (First gaming system, was a commodore 64)
Book horse (Danish joke, Ill enlighten you later).
Warhammer nerd (Mostly Lore and Painting)
Collector of strange stuff (I have a Harry Potter wand, And I cant remember I bought it)
I like to write (Kids stuff mostly, thats a problem now, but bare with me, I have a plan)
And I draw stuff. (And paint)

So basicly, all the above stuff could have potentials to drop in on my channel.

Oh, and btw, Im Danish. Which means english is not my first language. So be cool right? Im not bashing you for not saying "Svedige Sven Sved Svinger Svaberen Som Selvforsvar" correctly.

Stay tuned.

So a lot of talk, and showcase.
And the Journey, rather then the destination.