Lifestyle Channel Filipina in Taiwan

Title of introduction: Filipina in Taiwan
Your name/ Alias: ANNA BANANA
Where are you from? Philippines
How did you find TubeBuddy? I found TubeBuddy from a Youtuber
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I joined the community to get some tips and advices on how to enhance channel
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: To help others to find nice tourist spots,authentic foods,shopping cheap goods.
How frequently do you upload? weekly or during my restdays
What are your hobbies? I am really fond of going for shopping,looking for great deals,and going on a trip.I am a Filipina working here in Taiwan.
What is your biggest dream? My biggest dream in life is to have a house of my own and hit my milestone in my channel as well.
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