Video Review Do you have any tips for making this video more interesting?


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Title of thread: Do you have any tips for making this video more interesting?
Self review: Hello friends, I have asked for feedback on tubebuddy forum earlier also and last time I got great feedback. I have basically improved everything from that feedback. The Video and audio quality and content length. However even now, my content is not attracting views on youtube. I have worked on my content delivery as well but just can't seem to find why the content is not connecting with a larger audience. I just want to know is there anything I am doing wrong that the video is not getting enough traction on youtube? I don't seem to find why?
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The video is presented and edited very well. It may not be the content that is the issue - have you tried altering keywords etc?

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Just wstched your video. And it featured great content.
How ever, I wouldnt click on it, If I came across it.

First up, the title actually confused me. Im not that techy, and, honestly I have No idea on what a DJI Osmos amathing is. But if You would have called it a stabelizer, og gimbul. I might have clicked, since I know what that is.

Also the font on your thumbnail.
And I dont know if Im the only One Who sees it. But when ever someone types iPhone. This is how it surpose to look like. When its All in capital IPHONE, for me it looses the brand familarity. And when I do a Quick scroll, my mind dosent view it as a iPhone, my mind sorta translate it to IP-HOME. But again, this could just be me.

The last thing, is the lenght of the video. I know, You want to show as many different exsamples as possible. But, I skipped fast forward after 2 minuttes. Thats not good. Even though the lightning, audio, and visual were on spot.

Hope I was able to help