YouTube Help ISO suggestions of a channel name that is unique .....


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Let me explain......

I am putting together a channel with videos of my personal experiences of dealing with Bipolar Disorder. I am not sharing anything from a clinical point of view, nor am I coming from a point of view of an educator/teacher, but rather simply a person talking about what they go through.

When I look on YouTube, there are plenty of people who call themselves the 'Bipolar Roller' which has a catchy ring to it, or, the videos are posted by a doctor who is just using their name.

So, what I am interested in is coming up with some other catchy name for my channel that will be clear to YouTubers what my channel is about, but, as far as the name, it will set me apart from other channels on YouTube.

At this point I am just starting to think about the name, so, I'm open to ALL suggestions of names to throw out there for inspiration!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions