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Does anyone have an idea as to what to do with the above notice? I've had the same content for 7 years. I've talked about sex in a respectful helpful and educational manner with sexologists, sex educators, porn stars and friends. I've received millions of views on individual videos and obviously the entire channel. How do I automate using tube buddy to find the videos deemed "sexually gratifying" ? This seems like a huge undertaking and not sure where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Yeah, that's big time demonetization territory. Most companies don't want to be associated with that unless it's in that particular industry.
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I hate to agree with Damon, but he is right. YouTube is a platform for which means content like that doesn't quite fit very well. Think of it this way, YouTube is supposed to have child viewers only view the YouTube Kids app but that requires parental intervention. Unfortunately, some parents don't ensure their child is on the right app, this makes YouTube responsible for the content on its site. Therefore you are actually lucky your channel didn't get taken down. Yes, I am aware it's all for educational purposes, however, most sites that try to cater to every age group don't want that content there. It's saddening to say that but it's the truth.