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User name: KalaViv
Title: Spirituality/Wellness/Fitness for Women
Age: 45
Type of collaboration: I have a channel that is around meditation, spirituality for women healing stress, burnout and anxiety and I'm a coach in those areas. I do not nec want same but same audience, my audience is diverse and aiming for 30-55.

So ideal matches: might be women in: vegan/vegetarian or healthy food, natural makeup, minimalism, or spirituality in general. Nothing negative, so our both audiences would actually get benefit. Your channel min. of 2k subs please and upload at least 1x week.

Amount of Subscribers: 5,200
Ways to contact you:
Why should they collaborate with you: Looking for serious and long term, meaning watch the big boys/girls for ex. in YT advice channels they all cross promote each other. Or in feminine niche Marie Forleo has her women they collab and have grown over like 10 years! I'm looking for same. So not 1x and see yah bye.
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