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I'd be cool to have a discussion about people how have a business outside YouTube. In other words the main goal of YouTube is really using it as a marketing tool for your business. Basically I run and online custom fishing tackle shop. The fishing videos, tutorials really all point to the products I sell on my Web site. It isn't much different that what TubeBuddy is doing or guys like Roberto Blake in his Awesome Creator academy.

In what ways are your "driving traffic to your Web sites, point-of sale or points-of-action outside YouTube?

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hmm mines more complex layers.

I started youtube from a passion about electric cars, i often film at work in my car showroom this has resulted in fans of my youtube channel buying cars off me and selling cars to me. This wasn't my intention but had proved to be quite successful, I don't advertise my company on my youtube my fans just SEEK me out. I don't think ill directly link my company with my youtube channel as the idea of the channel is to be impartial to my work.

From my youtube channel i've also made lots of friends in the industry linked with electric cars in general which am about to turn into another business. All these are from the affect of my channel but unlike you NOT because of it.

My youtube channel it self also makes me decent money from referrals alone am earning over 600 per month, i also get the odd sponsorship.


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I am still starting my channel but it's entirely built around my coaching business. My aim with my channel is to build trust and help people get a taste of how to make their lives better so that they will seek out my site in my description (which will probably also be mentioned at the end) to schedule a one on one session. Due to the limits of youtube, it can never be personalized like a one on one session can so that's where I'm able to give advice and make people think as marketing and then entice them to pay a premium on my site for the one on one coaching. Also it helps cut out the early stage work of just figuring out what in the world they want out of life.


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My YouTube channel is my marketing, education and community building arms of my business. is my priority and where my money comes from, but some of the sales there do get pushed from YouTube. Especially my live dyeing sessions and product reviews.