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User name: roadie frodie

Title of introduction: Meats, Eats and Metal Fab With Roadie Frodie – Huge Hair Awesome Smile!

Your name/ Alias: Roadie Frodie pronounced: row·dee fro·dee

Where are you from? Moved a few times in my life - I call Texas, British Columbia and Nebraska home!

How did you find TubeBuddy? Derral Eves! Thanks man, it’s been a great tool

What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I was just clicking around in the app and found it; looking for mentors in the industry. Like to learn from others and share my work with others. Want to grow my channel with like-minded folks who are getting started in making shareable content from hobbies.

What would you like to accomplish with your channel: Liked to learn from others on YouTube and want to share my work with others in return. I started posting videos about 6 months ago and have learned a ton with the whole process. Each video I make is better than the last and I hope to keep this trend moving forward.

What kind of channel do you run?: Outdoor kitchen and machine shop content with a character called Roadie Frodie. Metal Fab, Meats and Eats with Roadie Frodie – Huge Hair Awesome Smile

Biggest compliment? – jacked ripped swole or cut? Swole followed by head

How did you get the name Roadie Frodie? roadie.frodie was a name coined by a good friend during high school keyboarding class as Hotmail and MSN messenger was booming. My friends started a band and I wasn’t much on playing an instrument or coming up with lyrics but I was great at setting up the stage and planning out the logistics. I would setup the stage, run audio cables and lights like a pro Roadie. The frodie came from me sporting a fro in high school on Fridays. Put them together and you get roadie frodie aka roadie.frode Huge Hair Awesome Smile!

Get a certain subscriber milestone? Currently at 45 subscribers and growing! I have a goal of reaching 100 subs organically by Christmas. Recently had a 4000 view celebration on Oct 26 at the local brewery and got some great photos with fans. We recorded some video during the event that I will use in an upcoming youtube release. They loved seeing Roadie Frodie in person and were happy to be in a upcoming video. Event pictures are posted in the Roadie Frodie fan page group on facebook - check them out!

How frequently do you upload? 2x per month and hungry for more!

What are your hobbies? Cooking, Grilling, Woking, Metal fabrication and Mechanical design

A lot of people say your FRO is obnoxious; what do you say to that? You should see my back hair!

Do you still chase the wok hei? Not anymore, I have found it.

What’s the best thing you have learned throughout your career? - Have a few good mentors throughout your life and give back to others in return.

Pellet grill or stick burner? I have both and use both; Pellet cooking is much more automated which saves me time.

TIG or MIG welding? I have both and use both - can't say my TIG welding is all that good but i'm working on it (;

What food ingredient do you cook most with? Garlic – 3 ways: raw, sauteed, or charred

T- Bone or Rib-eye? Thick Cut Porterhouse!

Solidworks or AutoCAD? - I use solidworks for most of my designs but have started using fusion 360 for generating CNC tool paths.

What is your biggest dream? Exploring the world with my family

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Hi roadie frodie

Your channel looks good - thumbnails are smart too
I'm happy to give any tips I've picked up if you need a hand
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