YouTube Tips Growing your channel

  1. QUALITY=CONTROL... to start off, you'll need a mic and camera. Your phone can be a start off camera or even a mic.
  2. POST REGULARLY... whether it be bi daily, daily, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly. It is essential to have a planned schedule.
  3. USE TAGS... tags can help your video spread through a narrowed down category of searches specifically for your videos topic. Thus increasing the rate at which your channels stats can enhance.
  4. PROMOTIONS... it is ok to promote on other social sites, however it is strictly recommended to research the best strategy for the promotional proceedings, as same strategies don't work usually for every social sites
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Hello @HYPEDANGELYT. Your advice is pretty solid. I would highly recommend ensuring you have a decent microphone. You'd be surprised how easily people get turned away by bad or even less than average audio quality. If people can't understand you well they won't want and considering people love their sound systems on every device they want content that can take advantage of that.

Hello @MeganGr. Sadly that's the reality of YT in 2019. Most of those YTers on that article started their channels at a time when Youtube's algorithm was more about the type of content and less about the viewers thus Youtube would show what was trending more to viewers whereas today it's more about what the viewer wants and thus YT shows videos viewers want as opposed to what is popular. This basically can make even top Youtuber's videos lose consistency in views if they sway from their usual content.

For example, a popular YTer who's content revolves around Fortnite videos and has a consistent high view/ watch time count could have a video with extremely low view/watch time if he/she decides to put out a video on another game like, say, Call Of Duty. Even though Call Of Duty is a popular game and even though the YTer is popular, his video is less likely to be shown to his usual audience since there's a chance his usual audience may not be Call Of Duty fans thus they are not searching for Call Of Duty content. And while his new video would simply be shown to a new audience this would mean he would have to capture the attention of a new audience, in essence, starting from scratch in a way.

Basically today's YT is about getting content that viewers want to see to them as opposed to bringing viewers to the content. Think of it this way. Before, YT was like a Walmart where people walked around isles and when they saw a product they liked out of several options they picked it. Now YT is more like Amazon where people go on a site, do a search on a specific products and Amazon will show them the best matching products for them specifically at the top of the list based on previous searches rather than just showing everything they have that falls under that search in a random order for people to browse through until they find what they want.