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TubeBuddy News Interviewing Creator Insider about The New YouTube Studio Beta and What will happen to classic!


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Hello TubeBuddy Forums!

We have exciting news! We will be interviewing @Creator Insider's own Tom about YouTube Studio Beta!

What questions do you have for Tom around the new YouTube Studio? Please note that we want to keep questions focused on YouTube Studio Beta. We won't be asking about verification or monetization/demonetization, etc. Only YouTube Studio Beta.

Let us know what questions you'd like us to ask Tom about Studio Beta and the upcoming transition where Studio Classic is going way. [Do you think we said YouTube Studio Beta Enough? XD]

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My question Andrew for you to ask Tom: When will the data in analytics be fully updated? For example, I have had data for months showing the exact same thing with no updates of any kind. I have a subscriber that has commented on every single video of mine, but it shows he watched 1 time for like 90 seconds when I know for a fact he watches the entire video each time. It's frustrating haha! Also, I might be one of the few but I absolutely love Studio vs creator classic, the other question is when will Studio be finalized and classic be done away with??

Thanks Andrew, appreciate being able to ask questions!