Gaming Channel WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE OUR NEXT MEMBER ?? (Read to find out more :P)


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User name: HaZZoreon
Title: WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE OUR NEXT MEMBER ?? (Read to find out more :p)
Age: 16 - 20 and on wards limit age 24
Type of collaboration: I'm HazzMan4Ever you may or may not have seen some of my posts before. The last post I made was like a month or 2 ago now and figured it's about time I make a new one. I'm here as always to talk about the lovely group that is The Squaddy Squad group or as I like to call it T.S.S. The group has been going on for a year now and getting close to December and to a new year the group will have been going on for 2 years which is crazy to believe. There is 24 members in T.S.S members are mostly from the UK and US and a mixed age group of 16 - 20 and so on. The reason for the creation of the group is to get to know people in the YouTube gaming community and to grow together as most groups do we don't expect you to have a huge channel to join us as we're all small channels

so far we've been doing a lot of Minecraft as most channels have been on YouTube kinda crazy I know. We have started our own SMP server where we build, organise events, and most importantly survive and of course goof around from time to time XD. We do play other stuff though such as cards against humanity,, Shellshock Live and whatever we see as interesting and fun to play as a group

Just as a quick side note with members being from the UK and US there is of course time differences but we've always managed our time well so that is no issue for us. We are of course open to people from other places as long as it's not a huge time difference XD

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Squaddy Squad group feel free to contact me over on Discord. My Discord name is HazzMan4E#4130

we're all looking forward to getting to know you :)

This is probably another big post made by me XD what can I say I like big XD
Amount of Subscribers: 101 subs
Ways to contact you: my Discord is HazzMan4E#4130
Why should they collaborate with you: I'm pretty fun to work with many of the people that I have collaborated with have enjoyed recording games with me. I try to take things not too seriously I'm chilled when it comes to recording I can go with the flow. My channel has been quiet for a while now but I'm wanting to get back into recording again. Most of my content has mostly been horror games but I wanna branch out and do more thing
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