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Out exploring with my wife nikki ree explores,richard wolf and his wife kara then as we were about too wrap up the police came in and escorted us out. They asked us too leave and said next time get permission. The thing is the doors were wide open and all we do is just go in and look around. Not sure who too call for permission to check out an abandoned place

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That’s the trouble. Perhaps ask the council of the land that the building is on. You can ask them if they know who the owner of the abandone property is (all abandoned property is still owned, though maybe just not managed) and ask the council that you’d like to visit for historical interest,

Although you could have asked the security themselves. That security would have been hired by the council or by the owners of the land. Sercuritu has to be paid by for someone.

generally they just want to make sure you‘re not vandalising the place, and also for your own safety because you can’t gurentee the structural integrity of such places, and you wouldn’t want to get hurt or injured while exploring.