Gaming Channel Anyone into CUBEWORLD?


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User name: GeekUp
Title: Anyone into CUBEWORLD?
Age: 22
Type of collaboration: Multiplayer in Cube World (other games are always welcomed too tho)
Would like to avoid swearing as much as possible for the younger public aswell
Amount of Subscribers: 173
Ways to contact you: Discord or thread reply mostly
Discord: GeekUp#5689
Why should they collaborate with you: I`m a cheerful guy. pretty much love everything related to any nerd, gaming, otaku culture!!
I speak, Portuguese (Natively), ENGLISH (only english in my channel), Spannish, Japanese and little Korean

Even tho I`m not an native english speaker, I guess i have enough fluency in the language hahah

Love to meet new people doing and having fun with same thing as me! would love to have a conversation with you :D
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