YouTube Question How to Create End Cards for Subscribers Only


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Hm... can you send the link of the video?

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From my understanding, end cards aren’t a subscriber/no subscriber exclusive element, they either apply to everyone (if you use them) or not at all.

If you don’t know how to actually get them going on your channel, you need to be in “video editor” of studio beta, as in the past the end screen element was more obvious in studio classic. People still find it difficult to find where it is.

youtube’s end screen option ONLY gives you the actual interactive elements, so your subscribe icon, your up next video icon or suggested video icon and such.

to get a unique visual behind those elements, you need to create a custom graphic with a template that fits where those interactive elements will sit, and that graphic actually needs to be edited into the video itself BEFORE you upload your video,

I think TubeBuddy has options for this, but I personally haven’t played with that yet (I probably should just to experiment and see how it’s used)

I normally don’t use an end card template, I just let the final frame of the video last for 20 seconds, but if you want a custome background for your end card elements, make sure that graphic is 20 seconds long In the video itself before you export your video,

when the video is uploaded, you’ll have the ability to add end screen elements at the end of the video under “video editing” that you can then place your subscriber icon and video icon elements OVER your 20second end of video.

If you do this, everyone who watches your video will see this end card weather they’re subscribed or not. If you don’t use the end card option, no one will see it and your video will simply end. Or the next video someone watches will play if they haven’t turned off auto play of the up next video.

I hope I’ve explained that enough to understand?