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Michael Wallace

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How do you know what is the best time of day to be able to upload to your subscribers and how do you know that the notification is sending to them to be able to watch the video that I just uploaded onto YouTube?

Beanie Draws

How many channels are you personally subscribed to? I’m subscribed to quite a few, so I just take mental notes throught the day “oh, I’m getting a lot of mobile notifications of people publishing right now” “hmm, not many people publishing right now, maybe it’s the middle of the night”
Experiment with publishing around the times when you see those mass notifications. For me, it’s around the hours of 9pm - 9am, so for me, that covers most of Australia’s night, and America’s morning.

the time is differant around the world, so I wouldn’t stress too much, because people might not watch right away, some people save watching your videos until they get home from work or school, so you need to factor that in.

essentially. Find when most Of the people you watch are publishing, and set your time to publish publically to about 5-10 minutes before, or after, so you don’t get your video notification lost in among the other notifications people might get,

eventually with enough video uploads, you’ll be able to see in your analytics what times in the week your audience is most active, then you focus on that.

then much later down the line when you know more clearly when your audience is most active, make a point to publish that time, and inform your audience that that’s when you upload, that way you train your audience to expect your videos at a specific time.

hope that helps a bit