Need Advice Am I chasing a dead market or pioneering one that got left for dead?


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Ok so I am keywords searching but kinda caught in my own loop. "guns of glory" and the top 3 related search keyword is rogersraiders which is the website that i own that launched off this.

So this game in the past year grew 400% meanwhile the original content "influencers" got bought out for lack of better words and I have those offers as well to be an influencer on another game. Only having someone ask me to be a reviewer on a game that that i outperform them by over 1000% in viewership, reach etc seems like a bad idea business wise.

So I took a backward approach and found OTHER content providers and started promoting THEM from my website. My thought is in this approach is to make a big pie to share instead of stepping on each other carving up the same keywords that may be a lack of our imagination.
Seems like the best idea is to bring in a new game as a new channel but use the website to bridge them so that I can offload tools to central location for "other providers" to reference in their video's. I know the concept is a bit new. its also complicated as it requires business interaction, press kits and real work to help influencers just be influencers. So basicly building a "new style" business model that takes the low out of the highs and lows as content transitions is the desire.
Looking for some who want to clone/copy/steal the idea but help develop the model out to success.