Lifestyle Channel Travel project

User name: actualtravel
Title: Travel project
Age: 33
Type of collaboration: Hello everybody
I am writing you about a new project I want to start on my YouTube channel about what to visit in different cities of the world.
The project is simple: make a short video about one place that a tourist who visits the city you live in must definitely visit and end explain why you choose that place. After you recorded the video send it to me be email at (along with a link to your YouTube Channel) and I will make a video compilation from multiple vloggers so when a tourist visits a city can have honest recommendations about what to visit.
Of course, you will be credited for your video (with link to your YouTube channel in the video description).
Hope you will like this project and if you want to join in, I think that it would help both of our channels to grow.
Amount of Subscribers: 400
Ways to contact you: email
Why should they collaborate with you: I think this type of collaboration will be good for both our channels. I will make some unique videos for my niche and you will get additional views on your channel from my subscribers
Link to Channel: