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User name: Jennifer
Title: Christmas video
Age: 18+
Type of collaboration: As we all know Christmas will be here before we know it. We are looking for anyone that would like to be added to our Christmas collab. This is open to everyone on youtube. All we ask is you Say Merry Christmas and you can add happy new years if you would like in a video(To make the video uniform they must look like the pic attached) and send me your edited video and the link to your channel (to put in the description box). Just make your video just like you make you channel video. For example, if you are gaming and dont show yourself then make your fav game your background. I want everyone to be comfortable in their video. I will post the video on Wednesday (12-18) and would like all the video to be in any time from now until Friday(11-30). I will add the videos as I get them. Just email me and I will get you more info.
Amount of Subscribers: 0+
Ways to contact you: jennwithsinternet@gmail.com
Why should they collaborate with you: This a great way to make new friends and to get your name out there to people that my not find you.
Link to Channel: www.youtube.com/c/SINternetEntertainment