TubeBuddy How do YOU, as a content creator, use it???


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Alright guys, I'm going to be straight up and honest here - I downloaded tubebuddy a day or two ago, but I'm really lost as to what I'm getting from it, and how I should be using it.
More the latter than the former, because I can see what it offers me in regards to being able to look at the competition's tags and how they rank, but then this question comes to my mind - how does that information relate to what I'm doing? How can I benefit from it?
So, I think one way to kinda ease my way into using it is to open the floor up to you guys and ask this - how do you make the most out of Tubebuddy? Are you a user who uses the free version, or do you pay for it? If you have a small channel, does it help you to stack up or avoid the competition? For tags or SEO, do you "borrow" the high ranking tags, or do you simply observe those tags so you can try to rank in a different area (If that makes sense)?vidmate mobdro word counter
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It took me a couple years of using TubeBuddy everyday before I began to really dial in how to use it for my channel. I would suggest watching all the videos @Adrew has put on on TubeBuddy.

You want to look at the weighted keyword ranking. That tells you how your is likely to rank against the competition. This benefits you by providing the data to help you make a decision about which direction your channel should go, both short term and even long term.

I use the pro version. It's well worth it for me to pay to get the main features I want. I got TubeBuddy when I was just at about 1,500 subs. I'm now at almost 6,000 subs. It has definitely helped me position my channel where you do eliminate the competition.

For me i only use tags that I know I can rank for and that fit into he general story I'm trying to tell for my brand and that serves my customer base. So it takes a bit more than just brute numbers, but that's what TubeBuddy will help you do over the long haul.