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Being a new Youtuber in 2019 is so much more different than it used to be almost a decade ago when some of the top Youtubers today, like MKBHD and Mr Beast, were just getting started. Like us they started at the bottom, with cheap, low quality hardware and lacking the knowledge of the inner workings of Youtube. But like so many others, with time and patience, they grew their channels and made it to the top.

Growing a channel is a combination of multiple things. Time, patience, faith in yourself, keywords, tags, research, great content and great thumbnails. Now, to understand how Youtube works you have to put yourself in the shoes of your viewers. If you’re a viewer searching for something to watch, what’s the first thing you look for? In most cases when a viewer searches for videos the first they see is what? The thumbnail.

The thumbnail is the first glimpse into your content, your creation. Even before they see the title viewers see the thumbnail and often respond to it by clicking through. This is why the thumbnail is an essential part of the formula for a successful Youtube channel and why you should be focusing more on quality thumbnails and on more than one per video.

One way to make great thumbnails is using software like Photoshop which has tons of features that can help you make amazing and professional looking thumbnails. But if Photoshop is outside your price range then Canva is the way to go.

Pop Goes The Gordo!.jpg Copy of Copy of Pop Goes The Gordo!.jpg

Canva is “a simplified graphic-design tool website” that allows you to create amazing designs like posters, social media cover arts, letterheads and even Youtube Thumbnails. The best part is Canva has a free though limited tier that already has tons of features and images you can use to create these designs. But if you choose to pay you unlock so many more features though the free features are more than enough to create amazing designs.

I made a short video (see promotion section) to show how easy it can be to make a Youtube Thumbnail Template that you can use to create thumbnails for you videos with a consistent theme allowing you to simply add the image you wanna use for your video and make the necessary adjustments for your logos and text easily. Bare in mind this video was meant to be an example of how easy it can be to make the template which is then saved on your Canva account, the colors were simply to make it stand out and easier to see the design.

Canva is a really awesome website and I highly recommend anyone looking to make better thumbnails to give it a try. The possibilities with the free features are endless.

I’ll be making a more details video of Canva’s features including the paid features soon so stay tuned.
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