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TubeBuddy Suggestion Awesome Feature Request Idea


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I would like to request a bulk comment export for all the videos on your channel at once. If you had this you could easily sort it and organize it, to see who has left you the most comments on your channel. It would be awesome to easily be able to see the top supporters of my channel. Currently I can export all the comments for each video into a spreadsheet but not for all of them at once. I would have to do that export for each video one at a time then merge them together to get a full list, which would be a pain. To me exporting out comments for one video generally doesn't help much. If I want to see who my biggest supporters are or who comments frequently to reward those people, that doesn't help. I already have free TubeBuddy so if you use my suggestion, how about a shout-out in a video? Thank you.


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That's an interesting feature. I can see what you mean by being able to see who left the most comments by doing a sort and a search on a spreadsheet.