Need Advice I need help to have viewers on my channel

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Seems like I'm hopeless and will never have a viewer on my channel whatever video I made nobody is viewing it
You only got started a month ago! Also you need to look at what YOU can provide to others and how to add value to their life! Not the other way around! There's lots of ways to start improving your channel and start getting views etc!


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Hello @ik ben Beverly,

I took a look at your channel to see what it's about. I'll give you my honest opinion to help you with your problem. Just so you understand I'm gonna be honest and straight forward but my intention is not to insult in any way. I only want to provide constructive criticism based on what I have learned on these forums and on Youtube. With that said:

First, I looked at your channel and the channel art doesn't say anything about your channel. I see a picture of windmills and by a lake or river but there's no text or anything that describes what the channel is about. I would suggest adding some text such as the name of your channel and maybe some description of what kind of content you are making such as "My Adventure's In The Netherlands Vlogs".

The next thing you can try is working on the video thumbnails. Some look very busy and difficult to know what the video is about because the text has so many different colors and fonts. Try to make them more consistent throughout all the videos, like a template, all the text in the same colors and fonts closer to each other to make it easier to see and read. The thumbnail is the first thing most viewers will see thus you wanna make sure it catches their attention and keeps it.

Third, your content also matters. Most one us Youtubers want to be able to make videos of what we like to do but sometimes we have to accept that not everyone out there might be interested in our content thus we have to decide if we want to make content that we like regardless if few people might wanna see it or we make content that we like but that people are more interested in watching. For example, I could make videos about my daily life. To me that would be interesting but why would anyone else be interested in my personal life? I'm not a celebrity or even known for that matter. But if that's what I wanna make I have to accept I may not get lots of views thus what would matter to me is that I have fun making them even if only a handful of people watch my videos. Or I make videos I enjoy that others might be looking for such as PUBg videos which is a somewhat popular game at the moment and which I enjoy playing.

In essence, you have to try and figure what is your "Ideal Audience", the viewers who want to see your content. Who are you making the content for? Why? Are you making content to help viewers, to entertain them, to educate them? Are you making content people are searching for? Once you can determine this you can make your content based around this. And with the proper keywords, tags, and thumbnails plus a lot of hard work and patience, you can potentially grow your channel. Just remember, you just started your channel. There are millions of users on Youtube uploading millions of videos at the same time every day. It takes time to get noticed, to trigger the Youtube algorithm and to grow your channel.

One last thing. I also noticed the music you play on your videos is sometimes a bit too loud when you are talking and can make it hard to understand what you're saying. You should try lowering the audio in the parts of the video where you are talking. I would also recommend maintaining consistency in your recordings. If your gonna record in portrait then record everything in portrait and if in landscape then all video should be in landscape. This helps make the video more pleasing to the eyes and the mind.

I hope this helps. It's just my opinion. You're not obligated in any way to take any of it. If you need more help please feel free to ask. Good luck.
ik ben Beverly

ik ben Beverly

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Let me ask, what is your channel about?
it is about my experiences as a foreigner living in the Netherlands I also made video of how to apply Schengen visa to help other Filipino because it is always hard for Filipino to be granted a visa

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it is about my experiences as a foreigner living in the Netherlands I also made video of how to apply Schengen visa to help other Filipino because it is always hard for Filipino to be granted a visa
That’s actually a really interesting niche. What’s your production and editing like? What are your thumbnails like/ how exciting are you making your experience for your viewer?

I have one channel with under 50 subscribers and my videos get about 10-100 views depending on the channel, and I have another with 23k where my videos average 1-10k views... it’s also 2 years older than my other channel so i’ve Had time to developer a style and viewership :)

it all takes time and practice :) and lots of patience and determination to learn :)