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Ok, little backstory. I’m 15 so of course I have a lot of free time, I want to start up a YouTube channel for the video game nba2k20. But after I get a little exposure from that I wanted to more to IRL videos like pranks vlogs and other stuff. Should I start with IRL videos or gaming. For IRL videos they’re sort of easier to record and edit but I’d need a more interesting life... because I stay inside a lot. But if I start with 2k, I can spend my time inside playing making content. Then once I inspire my friends to do YouTube and such or friend a group of cool people I can move to irl videos. Any feedback? thank you!
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Remember that when you switch to a different topic for your video, you are essentially alienating your original audience. You want to get to 2k and then switch over to prank vlogs? What about the 2k subs who subbed for you gaming content? I've done it before where I made vlogs on my channel, but it doesn't do well because it's not related to my channel.

So if you want to do vlogs from the get-go, I'd recommend you do it right now instead of trying to get a gaming audience and then switch to vlogs.


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Basically what @Ikerot said. Either do only one of the two options you have or do individual channels for each video type. It's hard these days to grow a channel with more than one kind of content of they don't relate directly to one another. Perhaps once your channel has huge numbers you could start asking your audience if they would be interested in more videos such as vlogs and stuff. But I would still recommend a separate channel.

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I suggest starting two channels, no harm in doing that and it won’t cannibalise your content. I have one for gaming and one for art,
nba 202k will probably have a certain lifespan unless it becomes like GTAV and retains a followship long before it’s life span. Fortnite for example is already started to die out a bit, minecraft was dead for a long time and had a resurgence lately. So if you’re focusing on one game it may have a certain lifespan, but then you can work in other games as well.

as for IRL and challenges etc. that sounds more experiment and hobbyist for the fun. Enjoy it, have fun with it, but please don;t try and make a career out of it or be “famous”... those ideals will kill the fun out of it, you’ll soon get burned out and abandon it or complain and get frustrated. Treat is as fun, enjoy it for what it is, and if something comes from it, great, but if you just do it for the fun of making videos in your spare time among school, that’s also great.

Keep the two seperate and just have fun with it :)