Need Advice Proper Face Cam usage in a non vlog?


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Now before I begin I'm aware that I'm asking something a creator specific to Gaming is probably going through not the multitude of other channel types out there. Okay now for the meat and potatoes of this question. What is a good strategy for face cam angles? Looking like you are looking at your audience (front facing shot while looking at the screen) or looking like you are looking at the game screen (angled shot) or something else?


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Question for you. How many cameras are you working with? 1 or maybe 2? If you have only 1 then it's a matter of how you feel more comfortable with the camera. Some prefer the side angle view of their faces, others like the front view. I like the front view myself. A setup where my camera is not too far away from my monitor so I can glance at the camera without looking away from the monitor too much and also from a bit of a higher perspective than my face rather than from the bottom. But if you have a second camera then your options explode. Having the ability to have a side angle while gaming (if that's how you like it better) and then changing it to a front-facing camera between rounds in a game where you can talk your audience directly because you switchback would be pretty cool as well.