Gaming Channel Looking for a friend group / collaboration group!


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User name: xmcore
Title: Looking for a friend group / collaboration group!
Age: 19
Type of collaboration: I play games like CS:GO, Minecraft, Battlefront 2 (Classic 2005), Garry's Mod, Arma 3, Stick Fight, Shellshock and more! I need a group of funny individuals to record game sessions with!
Amount of Subscribers: As of posting this: 165
Ways to contact you: Discord: xmcore#3990
Why should they collaborate with you: My channel is based around general content creation, nothing too snazzy or 'out there'. I just enjoy gaming and I thought why not share it with the others around me on the platform. I take pride in friends and trust/integrity over anything else, so this isn't just a 'collab and dip' kinda thing.
Link to Channel: