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Forget subscribers. Subscriber numbers aren’t important. What’s important is the watch time you get from making really fun and interesting videos that entertain others. Are you doing this for your audience or do you just want praise and attention?


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Is the only thing people ask about is subscribers anymore? This is has gotten very old. I remember when I started my current channel I didn't even realize it when I crossed 1,000 subs. I was far more focused on making better videos. An actual subscriber comment to congratulate me on 1,000 subs. That's how much I didn't care about subs. The reason I got those subs was I cared--and still do--more about communicating effectively with motion picture.

It's like the only thing people care about is subs or views anymore. Don't even have their channel link in the signature yet.

They should change the name of YouTube To SubTube.