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Seems like YouTube counts my visits to my channel as views and.. and if don't spend time watching my videos it seems to count as negative for the video performance.

And now I seem to be getting punished for not spending time watching my own videos...

The reason why I have been visiting my videos from the home page is so that I can update information / data on the videos, but doing all those changes to all the videos seems to be counting as low view time for each video...

The more I think about how YouTube works is not really what you put on the video, but a lot has to do with making the algorithm happy, and many times the algorithm is pretty dumb to recognize certain activity.

In a way a dumb algorithm can be good, but it can also be bad....


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So you click on one of your videos to edit something and it's counting it as a view but with a low view time rate. Youtube only counts a view if the video has played for more than a certain amount of time. I believe it's 30 seconds of video playing, even if you skip around the video, is when Youtube counts it as viewed. The best suggestions I can give are as follow:

1) Use Studio Beta to access your videos and make changes without playing the video. You can even access the comments from here without affecting the views of the video.

Video details - YouTube Studio.png

2) Use a Chrome or Firefox extension like Magic Action for Youtube which gives you the option to stop videos from playing when you click on them thus preventing the view count on the page.

Magic Actions for YouTube™   MYCINEMA.png