Gaming Channel Long term awsome Friendship/Collab to play together!


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User name: GeekUp
Title: Long term awsome Friendship/Collab to play together!
Age: 21
Type of collaboration: I love to play every kind of thing. I`m seeking here someone who can enjoy and have some fun with me.
My favorite games would be Minecraft, Dota, MMORPGs in general. But I`m willing to try anything new aswell!
Anime people are welcomed aswell so we can have some talk.

Amount of Subscribers: 168
Ways to contact you: Discord is the best for me. Please GeekUp#5689
Checking daily this thread or private conversations aswell.

Why should they collaborate with you: I`m a Brazilian (fluent in english, at least.. I.. guess? hahah) otaku, gamer, guy.
Would refer myself as the cutest and most adorable thing in the world (maybe not really)
This is my second channel, I`ve had almost 2 years of experience on youtube, but decided to start again with a channel more related to me.

Don`t worry about a thing when talking to me, I`m pretty chill and love to meet new and different people.
Link to Channel: