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Work In Progress Storyboading a new video - Work In Progress

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That's really cool Beanie! I don't storyboard with pictures like you've got haha! That's cool! I tend to come up with my idea, and then I sit down and do a point form outline of the main keys I want to talk about and go over. For any tutorials I do with screen capture, I tend to do that freestyle because it's not as easy to plan that out haha! It's amazing how each content creator has their own process that really works for them. I don't find any two of us are exactly alike in all the preparation and work that we put into videos!


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On my gaming channel I've never even done a script. Gaming is a genre mostly dependent on the content first before even the title is conceived and the script gets made on the fly as I play. In essence unscripted. But with my new Youtube help channel I am trying out scripts and it seems to work better although I am still learning how to work with scripts. I am not sure a storyboard would be of much use for the moment since all there is on my videos is me talking with a few images to show some of the things I talk about. But I'm sure storyboarding will soon become a useful tool as well once I start making videos with more visual details such as B-roll and stuff.