TubeBuddy Suggestion Improve Mobile App Performance


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Hey tubebuddy team, I'm SanjeelSunny.
I'm doing some seo course right now.when i take any seo course about YouTube. There is tubebuddy mentioned in the tubebuddy is a great tool to rank our videos .
I'm a mobile user.and I'm using tubebuddy in kiwibrowser or yendex browser etc. But we need more features in tubebuddy create studio where we can edit out video tittle , discription, change thumbnail,etc.and i also request you to improve app performance. It's bit a slow,and forgets our login details 1-2 hours


TubeBuddy Staff
TubeBuddy Staff
Hi SanjeelSunny, thanks for the suggestion. We've got some updates planned that should help with what you're looking to do. As far as performance, which screens/parts of the apps are slow for you? And are you running 2.3.1 the latest version on Android? You can the version by looking at the bottom of the main menu. Thanks!