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So I have a question about earning money off of adverts on my channel which usually deals with music from other artists. Before anybody says that I won't be able to do it due to copyrighted content please give me a moment to explain my situation.

I have a channel on YouTube similar to the style of Trap Nation where I get sent submissions of song remixes/remix artists give me permission to use their track to share with my subscribers here on YouTube. Quite a lot of the submissions I get are from artists with a smaller following than me so my primary focus is to create videos via their submitted music to share with a larger following online to give them more reach, so small artists and channels like mine work together in a way helping each other grow. For example here is one of the most popular remixes I have uploaded, a remix of George Ezra's Shotgun made by an artist called Danny Dove which completely blew up for my channel's standards and he has gained a lot of followers himself through this:

Since however the remixes I promote still have copyright from the original artist (eg: George Ezra in the above) remaining in most cases, I am unable to earn money and I am unable to join the YPP.

However: channels that have inspired mine, like Trap Nation, Proximity, etc, I have heard get to such a big following that they are able to contact record labels to get permission to use the original song (and therefore monetise the content) whilst the remix artist gets a whole new following. This is very interesting to me as I would love to be able to earn a little bit of cash through this brand I have created as I am just a student and would love to be able to earn a tiny bit of money from this.

Although I have heard that big channels like this are nowadays tied in with a multi-channel-network called 'The District' which apparently manages copyright for them so that these channels can freely upload without having to get into contact with record labels themselves, therefore allowing the channel to earn money, the original artist getting their cut, and the remix artists gaining a whole new following. Although my channel is very small at the moment having just over 2000 subscribers and over 724,000 views and therefore I am guessing that a MCN such as The District wouldn't be able to take on a channel such as mine; there is a chance that they may take on smaller channels too but I haven't got round to contacting them as of yet.

My question is, is there any way I can begin to earn a bit of money out of this as I have high hopes for this channel, and copyright is usually an issue that stops me from entering the YPP but maybe with some help I can find out a way to manage this, either through a MCN I could join that would have the contacts with these sort of record companies or via any other accord.

It seems like a complex situation I'm in but maybe someone here knows a network similar to The District that would work in a similar way so that I can earn money from promoting these small EDM artists?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.