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Lauren | Pandaz

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User name: Lauren | Pandaz
Title: Looking for a Long term Collaboration/Friend
Age: 16-18
Type of collaboration: Fortnite
Amount of Subscribers: Any
Ways to contact you: Twitter - @uhLooran or thread reply
Why should they collaborate with you: Hi, I'm Lauren i am a 16 year old female gamer who makes videos on fortnite primarily and i am just desperate to make friends and play fortnite frequently with the same friends. i'm not the best at the game however i can make the time enjoyable xD. i hope to hear from anyone of you :)
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Hey! I fit all of those requirements except one... I'm not 16 to 18... I'm 13, but it would be amazing to do a collab with you, message me if you will allow it (btw, I can be a great friend too).