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Audio Gear What microphone do you use?


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Stick mic: Sennheiser e835 (Fantastic mic! I highly recommend it. I think it cost $99!)
lav mic(s): Cheapest pair I could find on Amazon, I don't remember the brand. I will be upgrading to a quality wireless lav mic setup soon.

I don't have a shotgun mic, but lately I've been looking at the Rode Videomic. I see a lot of creators using that.

All audio gets collected by my Zoom H4n and then transferred to my PC and synced up with video where needed (clap, clap, clap)

If I'm using more than 2 mics, I have a Yamaha 12 channel mixing board as an interface, still collecting audio to the Zoom.

I made a conscious decision when I first began buying audio equipment to use XLR connections for input/output. It's the industry standard and allows you lots of flexibility with cables, mixing board etc... If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be that. Select mics with XLR connection.


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I've switched over to the Rode Procaster for any computer-related recordings. For videos off the computer, I use a Rode SmartLav+ with a Sony IC Recorder.

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Rode NT USB about $200aud and it sounds great but a bit cumbersome for drawing and gaming.

‘experimenting with a boya BYM1 $20 audio isn’t that great from a distance, but you can clip it to a headset so I’m going to be experimenting with that while recording some gaming and drawing to see if it can keep out of my way, but still close to my mouth.`


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Yeah, the AT875R Is working well for me. I like it better than my RODE VideoMic. The high end of the 875R is touch harsh, but it's very useful, especially with my Beachtek camera preamp.