New SOCIAL and BEST PRACTICES not load in Videolytics


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User name: uncleplant
Title of thread: SOCIAL and BEST PRACTICES not load in Videolytics
Request Type Browser Extension/TubeBuddy Website Tools
What browser are you on? Chrome
Studio Beta or Studio Classic? Studio Beta
What version of TubeBuddy? v1.45.624
Is it related to a video? No
Explain your issue: A few weeks ago, best practices don't load in my videos and others' videos (in Videolytics). Only the load circle rotates indefinitely and only the Loading Best Practices ... message is displayed.
Chrome, Opera, and Firefox all have the same symptoms.
The social tab takes about 20 seconds to load.
I am using a gigabit internet connection. The download and upload speeds are about 300mbps and higher.
My personal computer is the HP OMEN X product of the ultra-high Core-i9, and has nothing but Windows10, Adobe CC, Chrome, Firefox, Opera browser. Nor do they play PC games or online games.
It is almost certain that this is not a problem with my environment.
What's wrong with Tube Buddy?
Unfortunately, I can't read or write English, so the sentences may be incorrect.
Link your YouTube Channel:

P. S.
Surprisingly, as soon as I posted the error, it was resolved.
The timing is a bit strange.