YouTube Opinion Some Gaming Channel Owners are ruining the niche for the rest of us...



I'm not one to start topics but I've been noticing this for a long time. It seems a lot of new Gaming channel owners seem to think that even running a channel is a game itself. They only focus on numbers, not social impact. They only advertise themselves by spamming, not engaging the community. They subscribe to each other and don't watch then call it "support" (sub4sub). Well for me that is sickening. I'm sure I'm not the only Gaming channel owner that is trying to run theirs in a more professional tone. Although it seems there are so many that don't it's making it hard to tell those who are doing this as a hobby and trying to evolve it into a career from those who are just in it for, often short lived, fame. What's your guy's thoughts on this? Do you guys think newer gaming channels are typically ran by those who could care less about growing a real community? How can those who want to actually grow a community stand out from this seemingly growing trend?