TubeBuddy Suggestion All scheduled videos to Ical


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Warning : Since the original post went to archive without answer, I repost here its content :


I know TubeBuddy has a calendar feature that only works with videos you manualy add to this.

The feature I want can be resumed as : "Extract your scheduled videos publish date to a ical file so that it allows you to to see your scheduling in your favorite calendar app"

I do not come empty-handed : I already build a chrome extension that does that (explanation and screenshots, working in developper mode XD)

The only thing that needs to be fix for production is a "Content Security Policy directive" about the Blob for the download. I think for TeamBuddy, that is not a big deal ;) (as you already allow us to download things)

If you use my code or part of it , the only thing I ask is to be mentioned ( ie: My github page or/and my youtube gaming channel ) when you release it :)
I think that is a reasonable requirement , no ?

Example file (from my gaming channel) :