New Issues abound

Stephanie Aune

New User
User name: Stephanie Aune
Title of thread: Issues abound
Request Type Browser Extension/TubeBuddy Website Tools
What browser are you on? FireFox
Studio Beta or Studio Classic? I'm not sure
What version of TubeBuddy? star
Is it related to a video? Yes

Link to video:

Explain your issue: SOOOO, brand new user... trying to figure out how to do bulk end screens, bulk tags/keyword changes, bulk cards... I CANT GET any of them to work. Also trying to do custom thumbnails and I keep getting notice from TB that my channel doesn't accept custom thumbnails but IT DOES. I have verified it 20 times now and it STILL DOES not work. I am so frustrated with this. I just paid a lot of money to be able to do this... I keep watching the videos, but I don't have the box to check under the video for template for the bulk end screen. WTH is going on. PLEASE HELP!!! I am trying to use both classic and beta to try to get this to work... still not working.
Link your YouTube Channel: