YouTube Help Nobody Can Views my Video, Please Help !


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Hello @Hellofiglio. I read your title and after looking at your channel I wouldn't say no one is watching your videos. You often get more views than the subscribers you have. Your video is being found which is a good thing. Now, I don't understand your language so I don't really know what is going on in your videos but you have to understand it takes time to grow on Youtube and from what I see you've only uploaded a few videos in the past month.

You should worry less about views and subscribers and worry more about making good content that viewers wanna see, making sure your videos are searchable with good SEO, make good thumbnails and just have patience, take your time and keep working hard. You have to remember it's more about what people want to see and less about what you want to make.

Just keep making videos and keep uploading them and improve and learn as you go. With time you can grow your channel as long as you pay attention to what works and improve on that.

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You have a handful of videos and started seriously this month, so your views and subscriber numbers seem reasonable to me. Keep focusing on making content and ignore the desire to have more subscribers. Your viewers want entertainment or information, they don’t want someone who only wants numbers.

Also checking out “shabby big” or “your Indian abroad” I think is his channel. He does indian travel content and has over 100k subscribers. Look at his channel, study him, look at the titles, the thumbnails he uses and his descriptions and that may help you out with your channel as well. Study other channels through observing other people’s success.