Solved Do Parentheses Have Any Effect in Keyword Explorer?


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User name: CPR
Title of thread: Do Parentheses Have Any Effect in Keyword Explorer?
Request Type Browser Extension/TubeBuddy Website Tools
What browser are you on? Chrome
Studio Beta or Studio Classic? Studio Beta
What version of TubeBuddy? v1.45.606
Is it related to a video? No
Explain your issue: I'm not sure if this is the best place for this question, but I am new to TubeBuddy's Keyword Search tool, and I spent a solid chunk of time trying to find some good search terms for some of my videos. I happened to search for the phrase "smm2 story mode," which turned out to be a poor choice for both weighted and unweighted. Then I tried adding parentheses to my search by entering, "smm2 (story mode)," and the scores changed considerably for the better. Does this mean I should include keywords with the parentheses in place on my channel? Thanks so much!
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