TubeBuddy Suggestion Upgrade/Paid Option More "Obvious"

Matthew Ogborne

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Howdy Phil, Andrew, All,

A daft question:

Have you tried upgrading your account to a paid version yourself?

I know this first-hand that as a developer it's easy to over look the part where you get paid. However see the screenshots below, I had to seriously HUNT for the option to pay you.

There is no "obvious" option in the TB dashboard left top or widget area to view a pricing plan, not even a link in any of the menus!

Note: Yes I finally spotted the "Upgrade" button, but that is hardly obvious (needs to be bigger, have an icon and the colour different to help it stand out)

And nor is there any option to view the pricing or even the perks of a paid plan in the drop down YT menu that the plugin adds.

Have a go yourself in an account that is not a paying customer yet.

Adding the links to the payment pages is easy and the logic to show an upgrade option, well thats the opposite of the widget that shows my "LICENSES" widget that appeared after I subscribed again.

Hope the feedback is positive and profitable,




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I've always known where it was (even before I started working), but I do understand your point and will @Phil about this.
Note that he is on vacation so he'll get back to you next week :)