Gaming Channel Hey everyone! xmcore here!


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I don't entirely know what to post here, but I've had my YouTube channel since 2013, and have had issues trying to find a proper anchor on what I'd like to do on YouTube. I ended up settling for just Gaming Videos because it's what I enjoy the most. I am mainly looking to collaborate with people and grow my friend circle and my community! :)

Anywho, I can't wait to be further apart of this community, thanks for the read!


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Hello xmcore! Welcome to the forums! wow since 2013! I remember the golden age of lets plays back then! it was awesome ;) I used to watch tons of people play games now,2019 I decided to join in too! hope you find your niche in here.

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Welcome xmcore, lots of friendly, helpful people here on the TubeBuddy community. All the best with your channel! :)